Translation of Alicia Steimberg’s La selva

University of Nebraska Press, 2006

Finalist, PEN USA Competition, 2007

Reviews for The Rainforest
Labinger’s melodic translation lyrically enhances Steimberg’s potently symbolic portrait of a woman in transition.” –Booklist

“From Argentine novelist Steimberg . . . comes a poetically written and beautifully translated perspective on personal happiness, solace, and mature love.” –Library Journal

“Steimberg’s eloquent and engrossing tale flows smoothly. . . . Steimberg has created an unforgettable protagonist who captures the sympathies of the reader as she attempts to overcome the tragedies of her life.”–Roberta Gordenstein, MultiCultural Review

“Steimberg’s prose is extraordinary: by turns earthy and ethereal, it is always compelling.” –Tower Light (Towson, MD)