Excerpts from Guillermo Saccomanno’s Gesell Dome

JewishFiction.net, No. 18, Summer 2016


“Cynical and funny: a yarn worthy of a place alongside Cortázar and Donoso.”
-Kirkus Reviews


“Like Twin Peaks reimagined by Roberto Bolaño, Gesell Dome is a teeming microcosm in which voices combine into a rich, engrossing symphony of human depravity.”
– Publisher’s Weekly


“(A) bizarro Robert Altman film in book form: hundreds of characters and storylines that paint a portrait of a community, but with events far stranger than anything Altman created (…) Fans of straightforward narratives aren’t the target audience. And because of the novel’s repetitive elements — there’s a lot of adultery, bigotry and murder here — the tension sometimes sags, especially in the book’s midsection. But if you enjoy lyrical depictions of iniquity and a sprinkling of philosophy mixed in with your noir fiction, then you’ll like Gesell Dome.”
– Michael Magras, San Francisco Chronicle


“Through a skillful weaving of characters and plotlines, coming together like a completed puzzle, Saccomanno has crafted a monumental novel where individual stories unnerve us while building to the unexpected and explosive finale.”―El Mundo

Winner of the 2013 Dashiell Hammett Prize

Recipient of a PEN/Heim Translation Fund Award

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